🎶 Whisper Mate

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Whisper Mate support batch transcribe audio files or movie files into text with OpenAI's Whisper AI Model. With an embed subtitles editor to preview the transcription result segment by segment.

All transcribe operation is processing in local machine. Keep your privacy safe.


- Transcribe audio or video files

- Support capture and transcribe audio in other app like (Zoom/Skype/Teams/Other App, macOS13.0+ Only & need Screen Recording Permission)

- Use DeepL free api translate subtitles

- Embed subtitle editor to fix transcription


- Support set speaker to each subtitle

- Most operation support batch select to invoke. Like batch task run. batch rows translate. batch rows set speaker

- Support drag and drop files to start transcription

- Support typing on search transcript

- Editor can preview audio or video file sync the playing range

- Dxport selected subtitles's media range to an new media clip file

- Dxport video with burn hard subtitles to the original video & custom subtitle style

- Direct preview subtitle inside video preview (subtitle style can be custom in preference panel)

- Record microphone audio and support realtime transcribe (macOS13+)

- Subtitle merge features. Segment range & subtitle will merge into one row.

- Record app audio will auto save to file and can be turn it into an new transcribe project.

- Duplicate subtitle row and allow modify it's content or time range to fine tune full subtitles

- Support media preview replay speed custom

- Support ⌘+V to paste copied files to process queue

- Cpu usage percent display when whisper processing

- Support archive projects by context menu (Keep working project list clean)

- Support google translate in subtitles translate control

- Full size preview media with subtitle layout

- Support open media files inside finder's open with features

- Support multi-language convert

- Support custom frequently use language for convert or translate

Some features screenshots

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🎶 Whisper Mate

10 ratings
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